CSR Activity

Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake

EXE Corporation sent relief to 3 disaster-struck areas’ local governments --- Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate. The company also donated relief goods and a van to Japan Heart for rescue activities.

Financial Assistance for Mongolian Schools

With more than 17 years’ track record in educational activities, and more than 50-member highly dedicated teaching staff, “Olonglong” school is one of the top secondary schools in Mongolia. Through our local subsidiary, we started cooperation with the school by financing the new school building and facilities in one of the central districts of Ulaanbaatar City. Based on our successful cooperation with “Olonglong” school, we are striving to contribute to Mongolian society and its expected rapid development by supporting high quality educational standards and making available wide opportunities not only to bright students in Ulaanbaatar, but also to students all over Mongolia.

Material Support for Primary Schools on Bagan, Myanmar.

January 2007

Construction of Toilets for Myin Kabar School in Bagan, Myanmar

In connection with our commitment of contributing to the local populace, the Resort has built 8 toilet cubicles for students and teachers at Myin Kabar School. Toilet construction was made possible by donations from students and families of Myin Kabar School, our staff, valued guests who stayed at our Resort, valued tenants of Sakura Residence (Yangon) and Sakura Tower (Yangon), and children of Jiyu Gakuen (Tokyo, Japan). Actual construction works were undertaken by the families of Myin Kabar School together with staff of the Resort, which led to the speedy successful realization of this project. One toilet cubicle was previously shared by 100 students, but now the ratio has been improved to one cubicle for 50 students. The hand-over ceremony was held on 22nd July with the Deputy Minister for Hotel and Tourism, Brig Gen Aye Myint Kyu, the former and current headmasters of the School U Thein Pe and U Win Shwe, 4 representative students from Jiyu Gakuen and Mr Hitoshi Tani, Managing Director of the Resort, in attendance.

July 2009

With funds collected from donation boxes at Sakura Tower, Sakura Residence and Thiripyitsaya Resort, as well as contributions from donors in Japan, we arranged the donation of notebooks and pencils to schoolchildren at the Myin Kabar School in Bagan. Mr Hitoshi Tani, MD of the Resort, personally handed over the donation to the school, and received a Memorandum of Honor from the Principal.

Donation of Soap to Myin Kabar School in Bagan, Myanmar, January 2010

January 2010

In line with our continuous support to Myin Kabar Primary School in Bagan, Takuya Tsuji (General Manager of the Resort) donated soap bars to school children on the 26th of January. This is the fifth time that soap was distributed to the school children. The soap bars were donated by employees of Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sakura Resort, Sakura Tower (Yangon), Sakura Residence (Yangon). In addition, soap was also purchased from donation money, which was collected from donation boxes at Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sakura Hotel, Sakura Tower, and Sakura Residence.

Support for Japan Heart

EXE Corporation is continuously supporting Japan Heart which carries out medical and healthcare activities especially in Myanmar. Their activities can be seen here.

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