Employment Information

Occupational category of recruitment Regular position
Details of the occupational category of recruitment ■Project management tasks
You will be in charge of all task related to the office buildings, service apartments, hotels, and restaurants that we own in Myanmar.
*Sales, engineering, accounting, related to human resources and general affairs, and so on
〈Sakura Tower〉
Myanmar’s (Yangon’s) landmark tower
Houses the offices of many Japanese corporations and the rooftop bar 「Yangon Yangon」on the top floor is the origin of entertainment in Myanmar.
〈Sakura Residence〉
An apartment complex that boasts the largest scale in Myanmar (Yangon) and is targeted at long-term tenants
〈Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort Hotel〉
A historical hotel that was built as a governmental guest house in the Bagan Ruins in Myanmar, that are scheduled to be registered as a World Heritage Site
* Bagan is Myanmar’s holy sanctuary of Buddhism. It is one of the world’s three greatest Buddhist heritage sites along with the Angkor Wat and Borobudur.
Employment system Permanent employee
Entry/recruitment method Review of documents and interview/internship training at the main office in Tokyo (or Yangon) for one week, after which the final verdict will be released
Screening method and focus Someone interested in Asia. Someone who loves Asia. Someone who is courageous and amiable. We welcome people who are interested in Burmese.
Documents to submit and other screenings Resume, CV, and a copy of TOEIC official verification
Recruitment contact details EXE Corpotation
Recruitment staff: Shota Nakatsuka
Initial salary Monthly salary: at least 220,000 yen *to be discussed depending on experience
Salary raise, bonus, and benefits Transport allowance (up to 10,000 yen), overtime allowance, business trip allowance, and bonus
Work location Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan) *There might also be opportunities to work in Japan in the future.
Working hours Office 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., hotel and residence 5:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (shift system)
Employee benefits Reward system based on number of years of duty, company-owned residence, shuttle
Holidays Two days per week (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays, year-end period, summer vacation *Subject to change during event periods
Education and training Support system available if necessary

※Documents Not Returnable.
※Contact us if any questions. [Inquiry Form]

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Internship Program at Resort Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar

Training program at resort hotel in Bagan, Myanmar.

We manage the luxury "Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort" located in Bagan, Myanmar, which is one of the world’s three greatest Buddhist heritage sites, along with the Anchor Wat in Cambodia and the Borobudur in Indonesia. At the Resort we have an internship program which is open to individuals who would like to experience working in a world-class hotel service environment with international sensibility. Moreover, interns would have the opportunity to improve their English communication skills and meet people of different nationalities. There is also the possibility that we would promote an intern as a permanent staff member. Among the duties covered by an intern are those of a concierge, waiter/tress, chef’s assistant, event planner, or salesperson at the boutique.

About Myanmar

Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is multiethnic nation with Burma people as majority. It is located in Southeast Asia bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.

About 90% of the nations are Buddhist and they often visit pagodas. As Buddhism is deeply rooted in, people are quite calm and kind there. Since so many ethnic groups coexist, most of the nations tend to have a good communication skill. Myanmar is a safe and attractive country as tourists once visit tends to repeat visiting. A relationship with Japan is historically deep, and a number of Japanese tourists have increased year by year since Myanmar people are friendly to Japanese.

About Bagan
Bagan is Myanmar’s holy sanctuary of Buddhism. It is one of the world’s three greatest Buddhist heritage sites along with the Angkor Wat and Borobudur. There are thousands of pagodas build in the 11th to 13th centuries. Bagan is the most popular tourist spot where time seems to be slow down.

Myanmar Future School (business internship outline)




No age or experience requirements, students welcome.

Qualifications Required to Apply

1. Someone who is interested in Asia and loves Asia.

2. Someone who is curious in operating a hotel, etc. and is cheerful and ambitious.

3. Someone who wants to learn about services at a resort hotel and acquire an international sense, English proficiency, and so on.

4. Someone who wants to test out their own English proficiency or proficiency of other languages.

5. Someone who wants an overseas experience that is not a holiday and different from what people usually experience.


Bagan Thiripyitysaya Sanctuary Resort Hotel (Myanmar)

*There will always be at least one Japanese person stationed there.

Occupational categories

Waiter/waitress, housekeeping, sale of souvenirs, etc.

Training Period

At least one month (to be discussed)

Flow from application to training

1. Review of documents: we will have you submit your resume (if you are not a student, please submit your CV as well), an essay about “What I want to do during my business internship (400 words),” and a copy of your TOEIC score verification.

2. First interview: we will go through the training outline and conduct an interview over the phone or Skype.

3. Final interview: we will conduct an interview at the main office in Tokyo or in Yangon.

*Transport and lodging costs will be borne by the applicant.

4. Training at the main office: we will conduct a training over three to five business days at the main office.

5. Final verdict

6. Successful applicants start their training in Bagan

Costs borne by the applicant

Expenses including flight tickets and insurance

(flight ticket from Japan to Yangon, transport costs from Yangon to Bagan, overseas holiday insurance fee, etc.)

*Participants will assemble at the location (Yangon) for the training.

Costs borne by the company

Expenses such as lodging and meals, commuting shuttle costs

Other notes

1. There will be no salary or other allowances.

2. Myanmar Future School does not provide employment opportunities.

Those who wish to be employed will have to go through a separate screening process.

*Students of the Myanmar Future School have been recruited in the past.


Please contact us through the phone or the inquiry form.

EXE Corporation

Recruitment staff: Nakatsuka

Tel: (03) 3288 2371/ Fax (03) 3288 2471

Training Menu

<One month model program>

We have an internship program for anyone regardless of age

day Training Menu
1 Myanmar (Yangon) Arrival
2 Sightseeing in Yangon
3 Transfer to Bagan, Sightseeing in Bagan
4-9 Training of House-keeping
10 Time-Off
10-14 Training in Kitchen
15-16 Time-Off
17-20 Training in Restaurant
21-22 Time-Off
23-26 Training at Reception
27 Transfer to Yangon, Free Time
28 Departure at Myanmar (Yangon)
  1. Principally 5 working days and 2 days-off per week.
  2. Duty hours will be either Morning shift: (6:00~14:30) or Night shift (14:30~23:30)
    Schedules and shifts could be flexibly fixed until internee are used to the conditions.
  3. During the days-off, internee could enjoy sightseeing or communication with hotel staffs.
Details of each training
  • House-keeping
  • Restaurant (Kitchen)
  • Restaurant(hall)
  • Front Desk
  • cleaning rooms, bed-making, checking towel amenity and mini bar
  • assisting chefs. i.e.) baking bread
  • checking equipment, glasses and menu, setting of table and bar, making cocktail drink, taking orders and clearing off
  • preparation of welcome drink, room key and hand towel. And English training

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