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Real Estate

Restructuring of Real Estate Business

EXE Corporation acquires real properties mainly in urban areas and revitalizes them by matching their function to the needs of the locality. EXE maximizes the return on investment by dealing with all aspects including acquisition, renovation, leasing, property management and sales.

Luxury Service Apartment

Real Estate Rental Business

EXE Corporation owns residential, commercial, office and parking buildings, and other property mainly in urban areas from which we generate stable revenue by maintaining high occupancy rates. We put great effort into managing efficiently-designed shared houses which used to be dilapidated / old properties that we renovated, thereby providing a new lifestyle choice to individuals from within Japan and overseas.

Real Estate Investment Business

EXE Corporation has started buying commercial mortgage-backed securities and making M&A. EXE is very sensitive to changes in the market, and is actively involved in new investment which unites the real estate and finance businesses.

Luxury Apartment in Mejiro, Shared House in Yotsuya and WasedaMore details

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EXE Corporation also focuses on unique investments such as education, art and services for the wealthy, in addition to real estate investment. We tailor individual services for each requirement based on clients’ needs after carefully interviewing them.

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  • Education business
  • Art Investment
  • Services for high-worth people
  • Internship in Myanmar
  • Man Ray Vintage Photo Collection, Katsushika Hokusai’s
    "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" and others
  • Mr Keitaro Hasegawa’s investment and finance courses

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